Caterpillar Engines and Parts: new, used, and rebuilt


At Logan Diesel, our attention to detail is second to none.
Depending on the specific diesel engine repair and service needs, the following components are new:
Seals and gaskets, Cam Bearings, Oil Pump, Injector Nozzles, Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Pistons and Rings, Valve Guides, Main and Rod Bearings, Thrust Bearings, Pin Bushings.
Diesel parts qualified and or reconditioned:
Cylinder Block, Crank Shaft, Injection Pump, Cylinder Head, Camshaft, Connection Rods.
All completed engines are operated several hours against typical OEM schedule for partial break-in and full power testing.
Unlike other diesel engine rebuilders, Logan Diesel performs all diesel engine block machining, diesel engine assembly, diesel engine testing, and diesel fuel injection calibrations onsite.

Logan Diesel currently offers new / repair / rebuilt / rebuilding / remanufacturing / remanufactured industrial diesel engine services and for the following diesel engine groups / series:

Deutz FL 413, 513, 912, 913, Turbo T Engines

Isuzu BD, BG, SA1, 6SA1, 6SD1 / turbo, 4JB, 4BG Engines

British Dover Ford 2711, 2722E Engines

Lister Petter LT1, AC1, T Series, LPW, LPWS Engines

Please give us a call for available engines and parts